The Buzz Intensifies: Alabama's Rare Double-Brood Cicada Emergence

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April 14th, 2024

cicada swarm
This spring, Alabama is set to witness an extraordinary natural event that has not occurred in over two centuries. Trillions of cicadas are expected to emerge from the ground, part of a rare, double-brood event. This phenomenon, involving both the 13-year and 17-year cicada broods, promises to be a major spectacle. Here’s a closer look at what this means and how it might impact the state.

What is a Double-Brood?

Typically, cicada broods, groups of cicadas that emerge in synchronized cycles, are separated by several years. However, this year marks a unique overlap where both a 13-year cycle brood and a 17-year cycle brood are due to emerge simultaneously. This double-brood event means an even larger number of cicadas than usual, making for a louder and more widespread occurrence.

Environmental and Ecological Impacts

The emergence of trillions of cicadas will undoubtedly have significant ecological impacts. The sheer volume of cicadas can lead to more noticeable damage to young trees and shrubs due to the females laying eggs in the branches. However, the aftermath of their short-lived surface activity will also enrich the soil as their bodies decompose, providing a substantial boost of nutrients. Moreover, the increased number of cicadas will provide plentiful food for a variety of predators, potentially leading to a temporary boom in local wildlife populations. This could be a boon for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts who may observe increased activity and diversity among predatory species.

Preparations and Considerations

For residents of Alabama, especially those in heavily wooded or rural areas, it may be wise to prepare for this unprecedented event. Protecting young trees with fine mesh netting can prevent cicadas from laying eggs in tender branches. Homeowners may also want to prepare for the intense noise levels expected from this double-brood emergence, possibly the loudest in over two centuries.

Embracing the Phenomenon

Despite the potential nuisances, the upcoming cicada emergence is a rare opportunity to experience and learn from a remarkable natural occurrence. Schools, nature groups, and environmental educators can use this event as a teachable moment, emphasizing the wonders of biological cycles and ecological balance.

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